Kevin R. Kao


I’m interested in the perception of value and its relationship to history, craft and authorship. I continually question these ideas through a uniquely clay perspective: examining how the material has been handled historically, and how I can use it to address body, identity and otherness.

Humor and innuendo become methods of deflecting - anesthetizing - social stereotypes and sensitivities. In a way, these visual jokes allow for a closer examination of otherwise complicated ideas, such as race, objectification, and individuality.


Kevin R. Kao, currently an assistant professor of art at McKendree University, has recently served as a visiting assistant professor in art at Coker College in Hartsville, SC. He has also worked with art students as a graduate teaching associate at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Kao’s original artwork has been featured in numerous exhibitions in Knoxville, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, and many others. He was also the co-founder and director of Take-Out Gallery in San Diego, Calif., and served as curator for exhibits at San Diego Mesa College and New Americas Museum. Feel free to view more of his work at