"Female Dragonflies Fake Sudden Death to Avoid Male Advances"

            - The New Scientist

while the Zürich scientist Rassim Khelifa was surprised,
droves of females exposed to this finding
in their Facebook feeds, were not,  

responding, I’ve done that! to goals to our spirit animal

Dragonfly, girl, I feel you

when I too, have wanted to feign sudden death
under the toxic male gaze

when the frat boy locked me in his jeep

when I was a DD cup before the breast reduction  

Dragonfly, girl, I feel you

when my mother told 12-year old me not to hold my bus money on Liberty Ave. because I could be mistaken for a prostitute, waving down a john

when a first dinner date became, you know what you came here for in that skirt

when high school chemistry Scott said, going to jail for rape would be worth it for you

Dragonfly, girl, I feel you

when my girlfriend and I were told in a bar, I could fuck you straight

whenever I’ve been told to smile, take your glasses off, let your hair down

whenever I’ve been called honey, sweetheart, or sugar

          Dragonfly Girl, I feel you

Dragonfly Girl, let’s talk over coffee  
Dragonfly Girl, let’s swap books, shop for new wings, and march together
Dragonfly Girl, let’s leave the burdened ground



Ava C. Cipri is a poetry editor for The Deaf Poets Society: An Online Journal of Disability Literature & Art. She holds an MFA from Syracuse University and currently teaches writing at Duquesne University. Ava’s poetry and nonfiction appears or is forthcoming in Crab Fat, The Fem, FRiGG, Room, Noctua Review, Rogue Agent, and PROSODY: NPR-affiliate WESA’s weekly show featuring the work of national writers. Her first chapbook Queen of Swords is forthcoming this fall 2017 from dancing girl press. She resides at: www.avaccipri.com and tweets at @AvaCCipri.