Here is where we find the most fire:
under our own feet.  Amazing
that we can stand amid our lies
and not blink as the clothing on our backs
goes up in an orange blast,
hair wafting out like Medusa’s snakes
with white sparks at the snouts,
a hellish halo of pretense.
But who says we are cleansed
by this?  Funny, how people we think
will be stonestruck by a falsehood
are still able to walk away, shaking
their heads, brushing the ash
from their hands.


Jayne Marek’s poetry and art photos have appeared in The Lake, Shantih,Women’s Studies Quarterly, The Cortland Review, Notre Dame Review, 3Elements, Silk Road,Sin Fronteras, Spillway, Camas, About Place Journal, Tipton Poetry Journal, and elsewhere.  She has received two fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities and two Pushcart Prize nominations.  Her two recent books are In and Out of Rough Water (Kelsay Books, 2017) and The Tree Surgeon Dreams of Bowling (Finishing Line, 2018).