You Keep Calling It Love But What Does It Do

 and maybe its idleness is sin / fullness of the chest / wastebasket overflow / such klaxons of the lung / riches and unflung rice tight in miserly fist / fists / the size of a human heart / where love dwells slovenly / but always ready to declare itself / a kind of indecent exposure


but what does it do / what does instagram do / what does posting a snap do / what does #selfie do / they come / selfie as mise en abyme / audience of hydra heads / forked tongues dabbing / dregs of the view list / who's here w/ me / in the fading afterglow / the mercury dropping

Sara Saab was born in Beirut, Lebanon. She now lives in North London, where she has perfected her resting London face. Her current interests are croissants and emojis thereof, amassing poetry collections, and coming up with a plausible reason to live on a sleeper train. Sara’s a 2015 graduate of the Clarion Writers' Workshop. You can find her on Twitter as @fortnightlysara and at