we had our wedding at Pottery Barn
because the candles smelled like cinnamon
the candles were able to light other candles
the fake paperwhites in their pots looked so real
and they were real
for all intents and purposes
and so were the butterflies stitched onto pillows
their wings caught in static arcs of ecstasy
I raised a $15 wine glass of mulling spice mix
and you poured in hot water
in the storeroom we piled up gift cards and Creuset pans
grain storage for future winters
we danced all night on a rug
marked down from $599 to $519
nor did we feel guilty
crashing on the white couch
feet up and lipstick smeared
the clerks all gone home

Sarah Koenig lives in Seattle, WA. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Calyx, Mudlark, DIAGRAM, Barrow Street, Stringtown and Forklift, Ohio, among other journals. Her work has also appeared in Washington 129, an anthology of Washington state poets, and on King County transit as part of the Poetry on Buses project.