Never so simple

Body memory is a hypothesis that the body itself is capable of 
storing memories, as opposed to only the brain.

Science tries to tell us things about ourselves when it’s really only guessing. 
Hypothesis is a fancy word for we’re not entirely sure. 
I know that a strong whiff of testosterone makes my skin tighten and my teeth clench.
Makes my stomach roil on itself like a snake seeking its own tail.
Tastes like coercion in the back of a van. 
Like soap and sorrow on my tongue.

Gut Instinct is an instinctive feeling, as opposed to 
an opinion or idea based on facts.


The brain wants to believe it’s in control of all thoughts and actions.
That facts are a solid foundation that will never crack.

I know that when the hairs on my neck stand up that danger is somewhere near.
Curls my fists into hammers seeking the reassurance of an anvil.
Tastes like a roofie hiding in my drink.
Like rage sunk deep in my marrow.

Sossity Chiricuzio is a queer femme outlaw poet, a working class crip storyteller. What her friends parents often referred to as a bad influence, and possibly still do. A 2015 Lambda Fellow, she writes as activism, connection, and survival, and is found in places like Adrienne, Gertrude, Lunch Ticket, Crab Fat, Rogue Agent, and Argot. More info at: