obey the clock as the new sun king animal      feed at the trough of social media
animal      love its dogs but chain them in the yard animal      love its guns more
than its children animal      fuck cancer but drill more oil animal     thoughts   
& prayers animal      speak english animal      mark property with fences animal    
can’t stand how it smells animal      leave its trash in the wild animal      rape
behind a dumpster animal     help me find my kitten animal     wish it had a tail
to cover its ass animal      you ain’t black enough animal      you’re too black
animal      don’t be a pussy animal      give birth in a field and go back to work
animal      so angry it cries animal      want everything white except the hairs     
on its head animal      crunchy granola advice animal    use my lawn guy animal    
jew him down animal     spic asks for too much animal      bitch too thick       
too thin animal      you look like a terrorist animal     go back where you come
from animal      afraid of its shadow animal      god-loving    godforsaken animal

Emari DiGiorgio is the author of Girl Torpedo, the winner of the Numinous Orison, Luminous Origin Literary Award, and The Things a Body Might Become. She's the recipient of the Auburn Witness Poetry Prize, the Ellen La Forge Memorial Poetry Prize, the Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize, RHINO’s Founder’s Prize, the NJ Poets Prize, and a poetry fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. She's received residencies from the Vermont Studio Center, Sundress Academy of the Arts, and Rivendell Writers' Colony. She teaches at Stockton University, is a Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Poet and the Senior Reviews Editor for Tupelo Quarterly, and hosts World Above, a monthly reading series in Atlantic City, NJ.

Emari’s work previously appeared in July 2016.