Dima Rebus


Set and Setting

The term "Set and Setting" was coined by Norman Zinberg and Timothy Leary. Set and Setting describes the cntext for psychoactive and particularly psychedelic drug experiences: one's mindset (shortened to 'set') and the physical and social environment (the 'setting') in which the user has the experience. This is especially relevant for psychedelic experiences in either a therapeutic or recreational context. 
"Set" is the mental state a person brings to the experience, like thoughts, mood, and expectations. 
"Setting" is the physical and social environment. Social support networks have shown to be particularly important in the outcome of the psychedelic experience. They are able to control or guid the course of the experience, both consciously and subconsciously. Stress, fear, or a disagreeable environment may result in an unpleasant experience (bad trip). Conversely a relaxed, curious person in a warm, comfortable and safe place is more likely to have a pleasant experience.  


Dima Rebus is a watercolorist, illustrator and street-art painter whose works are characterized by a high degree of absurdity, irony and tough topics that are not common for Rebus's medium. Dima was born in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia and became a member of the Artists Union of Russia at the age of eight. Dima went on to study and teach with graphic design faculty at the Moscow Art and Industry Institute. While his studies in painting focused on oil techniques, Dima's freelance illustration work drew him to watercolor. He has collaborated with such companies as National GeographicCanal+, Bang-Bang, BBDO, Esquire, GQ, Psychologies, Men's Health, Snob, FHM and many others . He has been illustrating the author's column in Total Football magazine for several years.