Eilin Midtbø


In my artwork I focus on memories, old traditions and time. Old techniques and work methods influence how I work today. Time consuming labor shows my personality and helps to convey some of the thoughts I have regarding my work. I often use collected, old and forgotten material to create something new. Lines and patterns help create structure and order in the pieces. Order and choice of work methods set a time for completion of a project. Work that is put into a project where small details or fragments are put together, mirror the idea of time and fragility. By adding minutes and materials together, piece by piece, stitch after stitch, I try to create a larger whole.


Eilin Midtbø received her BFA from The University of Tennessee at Knoxville in 1997, and her MFA from California Institute of the Arts in 2000. She lives and works in her hometown of Molde, on the west-coast of Norway. In Molde she is a part of the artist coop “Sirkel 4 atelierfelleskap.” Being a Norwegian plays an important part of life. The History, the seasons, the scenery and the traditions influence and order the days. Memories and folktales are not easily forgotten. They are a part of ones thoughts and ideas, some very visible and strong, others mere shadows or silhouettes. The silence that is often felt in a room where someone is working becomes a part of ones personality. In her labor intensive projects, she mirrors the history and traditions of the past. She reuses old forgotten bits and pieces to create something new. Lines and grid-patterns create structure and order along with systems for production that makes it possible to time the end of a project. This structure and order creates a quietness in production as well as influence the theme in her artwork.